Summer ’22 Content Writing Projects in Health & Fitness

I am grateful to say that I have been busy this summer. In addition to longing 10-20 hours a week on my bike, I’ve had an abundance of writing work on my plate.

Here I am fixing a flat during the unforgiving Unbound Gravel 200, taking place in Flint Hills of Kansas, June 2022.

Good work, too. The type of work that falls into my wheelhouse of content writing projects. These assignments are an assortment of freelance gigs and personal projects.

In this short Summer ’22 recap, I highlight some of those pieces and the strategy behind each.

How to Write for SEO: 11 Tips to Level Up Your Content

Looking back to when I started my career as an SEO copywriter back in ’09, the world of SEO content writing (and content strategy in general) has evolved tremendously.

In simple terms, writing for SEO has become a lot less about using keywords and more about engaging users.

No doubt, keywords and search data still serve a purpose, especially for planning. But for SEO copywriting to really work its magic (particularly in a competitive landscape), it helps to be creative, engaging, and persuasive.

creative seo content writing tips and ideas

If you’d like to jump to specific SEO content writing tips, use the anchor links below:

The Vegan Protein Powder Review Blog is Back

The former passion project/hobby blog is back. The Vegan Protein Powder Review blog is a content project that speaks for itself. Plant-based nutrition happens to be something I know a lot about, so producing content about vegan protein supplements comes naturally.

About a year after launching the Vegan Protein Powder Review in 2016, I sold it on for a quick $2K. I was stoked for the quick cash-in but later regretted the decision. There were many interested buyers after the fact. And I always pondered what the site could have been worth.

Fast-forward to 2021 and I noticed the seller had neglected the domain and was no longer using any of the content. So I reached out about getting the domain back and he complied with no reservation. Best of all, he asked for nothing in return. I still had all the original html files of the site, so it all just needed to be assembled.

SEO Content Strategy: A Field Guide for Growing Organic Traffic

SEO content strategy is a peculiar beast in the vast sea of digital marketing channels. It’s not a new concept. But it’s one that’s becoming increasingly popular due to its proven efficacy.

Owning a piece of high-ranking content and meeting your target audience when they’re actively searching – is there a better form of marketing than that?

organic seo content strategy

Crafting an SEO content strategy requires a harmonious balance of right and left brain activities. It’s a rigorous exercise of keyword data distillation and research, later combined with relentless creativity and ideation throughput.

Unlike many forms of content marketing that thrive on social engagement, quick sales, and immediate ROI feedback, there’s a particular beauty in the form of SEO content’s slow, organic growth and sustainable, long-term returns. 

Work From Home Hacks I Use to Stay Motivated and Productive

While it may sound glamorous on the surface, working from home is actually f*cking hard. It’s definitely not for everyone. Long-term remote work can cripple motivation, suffocate productivity, and lead to a host of mental health challenges.

I am not an organizational psychologist nor a human resources professional. But I have been working remotely since 2012. During that time, I’ve learned a great deal about working from home and how to mitigate its unexpected and inevitable challenges.

I know how to work remotely from experience dude

On the plus side, working remotely can offer a wealth of freedom and flexibility. But in many cases, it can involve long days working from one place. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to hack work from home confinement. So below, I’ve distilled ten things that help me stay motivated, productive, and inspired.

My Titanium Gravel Bike at a Glance

No question about it, gravel biking has become incredibly trendy in recent years. These trends have developed for good reasons. Not only does unpaved gravel cycling enable explorative riding on lower traffic roads, but today’s gravel bikes are built to handle near mountain bike conditions.

In 2019, I acquired a titanium gravel bike from Bearclaw Bicycle Co. Since then, I’ve cultivated a faithful best friend that’s traveled well over 15K miles with me through some of America’s most glorious terrain and deep nature scenery. That titanium gravel bike is known as Thunderhawk, and it’s unquestionably one of the best options in the world for gravel bikes.

 My Titanium Gravel Bike
My titanium gravel bike, Thunderhawk, from Bearclaw Bicycle Co.

From multiday bikepacking adventures to 200-mile gravel bike races, Thunderhawk and I have seen it all. This short post is a tribute to my titanium gravel bike and some of the experiences that it accommodates.