Copywriting Work.

Some of us are fortunate to have an English teacher who whipped her students into proficient writers. I was lucky enough to have one of those teachers. I’m still a mediocre writer, but I’ve become pretty good at making my writing work for SEO and other creative applications. Check my SEO copywriting examples below.

ally bio content writing

Positioning ALLY as a pioneer in psychobiotics

In 2022 before launching its website, the UK startup ALLY reached out looking for a content writer to scribe a couple of SEO-friendly, science-dense articles they could have ready to publish upon launch. The focus was to establish ALLY’s credibility in the gut-brain nutrition space while supporting the brand’s SEO. Check out my writing work with ALLY.

Writing in-depth blog content for UK’s YorkTest

A rather fun SEO copywriting gig that kicked off in late 2021 was for YorkTest, a home health test provider that specializes in food intolerance and food allergy testing. My role focuses primarily on writing SEO-driven, in-depth blog posts that cover a variety of topics related to nutrition. I also provide consulting to help the YorkTest team with SEO decision-making. Check out SEO copywriting examples of my work with YorkTest.

BBCo SEO Copywriting Examples

Blending SEO and creative copywriting for BBCo.

As part of the SEO work I did for Bearclaw Bicycle Co. (BBCo.) I was privileged to write much of the copy for the website. It was a creative exercise of marrying keyword relevancy for SEO all while crafting engaging copy that would resonate with the brand’s adventure-savvy audience. See the fun behind BBCo.’s SEO-friendly copy.

SEO copywriting for the #1 window film installer in the nation

As part of an award-winning SEO project that I worked on while at Captivate, I was responsible for a greater portion of the site’s copywriting and metas. As for the project’s success, we helped Window Film Depot improve organic traffic by 138% and lead conversions by 96% in one year. See the project’s outcome and my copywriting examples.

dental content strategist and writer for complex dentistry industry business

Dualing as SEO content strategist and writer for a complex dental business

This project targets a complex dental industry niche, thereby involving a high level of research and understanding. Not only was SEO prioritized but the target audience was savvy. The content had to be top-tier and could not contain the slightest bit of fluff. See how this SEO content strategy manifests.