My copywriting rates

My freelance copywriting rates are very generally priced at:

  • $80 per 250 words of copy; or
  • $80 per hour

Some folks prefer pricing based on word count for articles and blog-related content, so I’ve also created this simple fee structure.

  • <1,000 words $300
  • 1,000-1,500 $400
  • 1,500-2,000 words $500
  • 2,000-3,000 words $600
  • 3,000+ words $700

These rates are quite flexible. And for some, they might seem expensive. I get that. But I also firmly believe that there’s no better marketing tool than a top-ranking piece of content.

Writing isn’t just spitting out words. It’s a research-intensive process of saying the right thing in the right places.

Having been an SEO copywriter since 2009, I know what it takes to achieve SEO results. As part of writing rankworthy copy, I provide a combination of both strategic and executional capabilities, and my services often include research, planning, and ideation across all aspects of the content strategy umbrella.

My rates will often vary based on the project and how much planning and groundwork is needed. I am glad to provide an estimate based on what you need. In addition to copywriting, this might involve SEO/keyword research, competitive analysis, link analysis, content planning, and auditing – basically all of the things that make your SEO work.

Conversely, I can seamlessly integrate my services with teams that already have the SEO talent, resources, direction, and/or strategy in place. I can run with both minimal direction and rigid editorial standards.

What’s involved

More than just writing blog copy, this labor of love includes:

  • conducting research to understand the targeting and SEO directive of the piece
  • distilling data to effectively structure the inner workings or outline of the piece
  • inspiring creative direction and how to position headlines, title tags, and copy competitively
  • building in-copy links to related and supportive pages, both internally and externally
  • providing a recommended title tag, meta description, and URL for the piece

In short, there’s a lot more to the process than just writing. But, if your team already has things like content briefs and outlines, it’s easier to get the ball rolling sooner.

My copywriting rates are a general estimate based on the anticipated workload and hours required to deliver the highest quality finished product. Rates are subject to flexibility based on a project’s unique needs.

Contact me directly with any inquiries or questions.