I am very fortunate to have had my hand in a wide range of projects, from grassroots content marketing strategies, transformative SEO programs, and multi-faceted PPC campaigns.

tyler tafelsky seo work

SEO Work.

The best SEO mindset is one that balances an analytical left brain with a creative right brain. Doing keyword research is one thing. Articulating data into an actionable strategy (and executing it) is another. I’d like to think my SEO work is a good reflection of that. Scope out my not-so-boring SEO work.

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Copywriting Work.

No doubt, copywriting is an art. But when factoring-in search data for SEO or character limitations with PPC ads, copywriting becomes more of a science. Good copy must not only resonate with users but also achieve its mission in facilitating a project’s marketing objectives – whether it’s creative ad copy, in-depth articles, or SEO-friendly page content. Have a look at my copywriting work.

ppc case study work examples

PPC Work.

While PPC covers many channels ranging from remarketing and search ads to paid social and programmatic ads, my focus has always been in search. There’s no better form of marketing than active users searching for what a business or brand has to offer. As such, below are a few of my more notable PPC work examples, specifically in the context of managing successful paid search advertising campaigns. Peruse a few PPC projects I’ve worked on.

yisoo seo content strategy case study example

Content Strategy Work.

Content strategy is the glue that holds everything together. It’s what fuels a brand’s social media presence, email marketing campaigns, and search visibility. It’s also inherently both analytical and creative, which is why I love content strategy work the most. Over the years, I’ve been involved in several fruitful content marketing programs, some of which I am happy to call my own. See content strategy working its magic.