The Vegan Protein Powder Review Blog is Back

The former passion project/hobby blog is back. The Vegan Protein Powder Review blog ( is a content project that speaks for itself. Plant-based nutrition happens to something I know a lot about, so producing content about vegan protein supplements comes naturally.

About a year after launching the Vegan Protein Powder Review in 2016, I sold it on for a quick $2K. I was stoked for the quick cash-in but later regretted the decision. There were many interested buyers after the fact. And I always pondered what the site could have been worth.

Fast-forward to 2021 and I noticed the seller had neglected the domain and was no longer using any of the content. So I reached out about getting the domain back and he complied with no reservation. Best of all, he asked for nothing in return. I still had all the original html files of the site, so it all just needed to be assembled.

I spent about 12 hours a wintery March Sunday rebuilding the blog and making it better than before. As of today, the Vegan Protein Powder Review is back in action and picking up traction fast. 

Sure, I will more than likely flip again someday, but hopefully for 5x to 10x the original sale back in 2016. Value skeptics will raise a worthy eyebrow (because honestly, it’s not all that much to look at). 

But factor in the site’s content and performance potential, and you have a strong SEO/marketing asset for any nutrition brand that trying to sell the same products (and categories) featured on the blog.


What Makes the Vegan Protein Powder Review Unique?

From a content marketing and organic search perspective, here are a few reasons that make stronger than it looks.

Vegan Protein Powder Reviews Blog
  • Long-form review content that’s personalized, optimized, search engine-friendly, and integrated with Schema/structure data. 
  • Category pages (for each brand) and Tag pages (by product feature) being leveraged as rankable assets, not noindexed like most blogs concerning duplicate content. (Just search “stevia-free protein powder.”)
  • Video review content is leveraged for almost all protein powder posts (see example below).
  • Superfast load speed and greenlight Core Web Vitals across the board.
  • A trusted backlink profile with a strong roster of referring sources

In essence, The Vegan Protein Powder Review blog is a modest testament to my decent SEO content skills. Stay tuned for more and check out some examples below.

High-Performing Review Content

Here’s a collection of some of the better performing pieces of content, including a video and a couple of links to top posts.

See the full post review of Garden of Life RAW Fit protein powder for Weight Loss.

Other posts that perform well organically are the reviews for products like:

To learn more about the strategy behind this project, visit see my related project story on “Sharing in-depth product reviews via a multi-channel content strategy.”

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