August Cycling Publications

Cycling Publications for August

This August has been a busy month for cycling and sport-related content projects. I have been busy writing blog posts and guides across a variety of topics specific to bikes. Below is a recap of some of those cycling publications I’ve written over the course of the month.

Best Triathlon Watches

This is one of the more in-depth product overview guides that I’ve written. It’s focused on twelve of the best GPS-enabled multisport watches for triathlon, including tech specs, review video embeds, and links to purchase. Read: Best Triathlon Watches

All Things Aero Helmets

As a new post for Better Triathlete, this post is a shopping guide that is based on my research and personal experience with aerodynamic helmets. It features my top ten picks in the helmet space, as well as some science to back them up. Read: Aero Helmets for Triathlon, Time Trial, and Road.

Clipless Pedals & Cleats

Another equipment-related post that I recently refreshed focused on clipless pedals and cleats, specifically types suitable for road cyclists. This informative blog post goes deep into the technological advancements that make up today’s clipless pedals, including SPD, SPD-SL, LOOK, and Speedplay (all of which offer different styles for different types of cycling.) Read: Clipless Pedals: SPD vs. SPD-SL vs. LOOK vs. Speedplay.

Train Like a Pro

In a post I did for, I share several proven tips to help you level up your endurance training to professional-level standards. From optimizing your diet and nutrition to prioritizing your training and programming, this post is packed with insights from yours truly. Read: 7 Tips to Help You Train like a Professional Endurance Athlete

Budget Gravel Bikes

It’s not easy to write about budget gravel bikes because I am so used to high-end technology. But it was an interesting research project to dig into what’s out there at the sub $3k price point. As a roundup post of affordable gravel bike options, it will be interesting to see how this page performs. Read: What’s the Best Budget Gravel Bike?