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Freelance PPC

Before I started working as a freelance PPC consultant, I worked in the agency environment managing Google Ads accounts for various clients.

The major stepping stone was in 2009 when I took a job as an Internet marketing manager for a web design company based in Illinois. It was the perfect stepping stone into the greater world of search engine marketing beyond my current SEO experience.

It was during that time I was thrown into PPC management and cut my teeth with enormous e-commerce accounts. I was fortunate that my boss at the time was proactive in enrolling our team in various mastermind courses and webinars to refine our skills.

I learned from some of the top PPC industry pioneers like Perry Marshall, AJ Wilcox, and Mike Rhodes, to name a few. And later on, I started developing my own platform and training materials which can be found at Yisoo.

Helping you better navigate Google Ads

As part of the Google Ads training and consulting I do with Yisoo, I also offer freelance PPC services for organizations needing a dependable contractor or part-time PPC consultant.

Although Google Ads has simplified since the days of AdWords, it’s still a confusing platform for novice PPC advertisers. In fact, Google Ads has become so fickle and capricious that it’s easy for advertisers to burn through their budget without much to show for it.

Your freelance PPC consultant

A big part of my work as a freelance PPC consultant is to help advertisers understand where their money is going and how they can make the platform work for their business or for their clients.

Some of the primary components of my freelance PPC services include:

  • PPC account audits for both Google Ads and Bing Ads.
  • Keyword research, audience and trend analysis, and data distillation to help instruct the strategy behind PPC campaigns.
  • PPC bid strategy and how to capture the most relevant users based on different keywords and match types.
  • Freelance PPC ad copywriting and creative split-testing – whether for new or existing accounts.
  • New PPC build-outs, including campaign and ad group structure for search and remarketing ads.
  • Freelance PPC management (Google and Bing Ads), account optimization, and ongoing reporting.

Like my SEO copywriting services, with PPC, there is no cookie-cutter template, software automation, or outsourcing work to foreign laborers. If you engage with me, all services are individually-tailored and executed 100% by me.

However, these days, I’ve been focusing more on becoming the best content strategist I can be. So for large projects, I often suggest reaching out to the PPC consultants at The Gray Dot Company, a talented team I work closely with on various projects.

To see examples of projects I’ve worked on, view my PPC Work.

Reach out to me and get in touch.

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