SEO Work.

The best SEO mindset is one that balances an analytical left brain with a creative right brain. Doing keyword research is one thing. Articulating data into an actionable strategy (and executing it) is another. I’d like to think my SEO work is a good reflection of that.

BBCo. goes full send in the gravel bike trend with organic SEO.

Bearclaw Bicycle Co. is the successful brainchild of Chet Bearclaw, an adventure bike racer, bikepacker, and musician. As a close friend to the legend, I stepped in to offer SEO in exchange for one of his bikes, the THUNDERHAWK. It was a win-win for myself and Chet, as we jumped on a search trend, went from 28k to 52k organic in a year, and became a rad dude’s brand of premium-quality, titanium bikes. See how we went full send with SEO.

better triathlete seo case study

Bridging the gap between triathlon coaches and athletes.

Amidst a time of soul searching and passion projects, I thought “why not be a triathlon coach?” So I started Better Triathlete as a simple blog with the long-term intention that it would later become a niche platform to acquire athletes seeking coaching services. While I never did become a coach, the plan still worked. Scope out how.

Taking home the 2020 AMY Award for SEO with Captivate.

Working at Captivate provided opportunities to literally transform businesses and facilitate their growth. One such company in the B2B space quickly became an industry authority thanks to the strategic SEO masterminds at Captivate. See how we won Atlanta Marketer of the Year for SEO with this campaign.

seo examples content strategy case study with Walz Scale

Industrial-grade SEO yields heavy payload.

SEO projects involving niche industrial markets are often some of the best. In some cases, search demand can be extraordinarily high while the number of SEO-savvy competitors is shockingly low. That was the case with Walz Scale. We jumped on Walz SEO program in 2012 and he remains a dominant brand to this day. See how Walz is owning it.