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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tyler Tafelsky and I am a creative SEO content strategist, writer, and creator with a background in search engine marketing. Here you can learn more about my freelance services in content marketing, organic SEO, and PPC advertising. You can also check out some of the awesome work I’ve made happen.

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Since first starting as an SEO copywriter back in 2009, I’ve sharpened many skills in my digital marketing arsenal. While SEO and content strategy have always been my primary focus, I’ve developed expertise in PPC and Google Ads. Search visibility offers the best marketing real estate to grow a business, and the right balance of SEO, PPC, and content marketing is the best way to get there. Learn more about my capabilities as a creative SEO content strategist and scope out some of the freelance services I provide.

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Creative ideas inspired by data you can measure.

It’s one thing to come up with creative ideas and produce great content. But when creative ideas are inspired by search interest, there’s a greater purpose to the project. My work has always been rooted in keyword research, search trends, and the nuances of Google. Distilling keyword data, learning the search landscape, and devising content strategy ideas has always been a creative exercise for me, whether SEO, PPC, or content marketing was the focus. Check out my work examples in these areas.

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SEO Content Strategy:
a Field Guide

Crafting an SEO-driven content strategy requires a harmonious balance of right and left brain activities. It’s a rigorous exercise of data distillation and research, later combined with relentless creativity and ideation throughput. Due to the enormously high volume of posts already discussing SEO and content strategy, my field guide takes a slightly different journey.

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Work from home hacks.

While it may sound glamorous on the surface, working from home is actually really f*cking hard. It’s definitely not for everyone. On a long-term scale, remote work can cripple motivation, productivity, and lead to a host of mental health challenges. But it can also offer a wealth of freedom and flexibility. See my work from home hacks that help me stay motivated, productive, and inspired.

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“Tyler is dependable, easy to work with, relaxed under pressure, and is extremely talented.”

Abigail T. – Digital Marketing Manager, Chicago

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