PPC Work.

While PPC covers many channels ranging from remarketing and search ads to paid social and programmatic ads, my focus has always been in search. As such, below are a few of my more notable PPC work examples, specifically in the context of managing successful paid search advertising campaigns.

Goodwill PPC Google Ad Grands case study work example

Putting Google Ad Grants funding to work for Goodwill.

Goodwill of North Georgia was a unique PPC project I managed at Captivate. The non-profit needed guidance best utilizing its Google Ad Grant funds while remaining compliant with the Google Ad Grants program. We turned an account with many performance issues into a highly-efficient traffic machine. Take a peek into this PPC program.

ppc work examples case studies

Paid search “summer campaign” proves itself three years running.

Not only has paid search been a pivotal component to this overarching brand strategy, but it has been fundamental to growing the organization’s membership base. See how Google Ads has paid dividends for NSHSS.

Current Pixel PPC Work Examples Case Study

PPC overhaul pays massive dividends for local business.

As a multi-channel project I adopted early on during my time with Captivate, this local business experienced fruitful returns via Google search. In short, we more than doubled the volume of conversions while cutting ad spend in half in just one year. The results got us nominated for AMY award in 2019. Check out the PPC campaign that made it happen, or see the SEO program that ran along with it.

Yisoo PPC Training Consulting

My PPC side hustle in Google Ads training and consulting.

When Google AdWords migrated to “Google Ads” in 2018, it was the perfect time to pursue my ambition in building a PPC training course. Any experienced PPC advertisers will agree, Google Ads can be a real son-of-a-gun. It’s a confusing platform and having some foundational knowledge is vital for success. So I built Yisoo, a site dedicated to PPC consulting and training resources.