About me, Tyler Tafelsky.

Hello! Welcome to my freelance SEO site! My name is Tyler Tafelsky and I was born and raised in Traverse City, a beautiful town in northern Michigan.

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While I still call northern Michigan my home, you can often find me roaming around the world, exploring new areas, and bikepacking to remote places. In fact, riding bikes is one of my favorite things. It gives me the ultimate sense of freedom, adventure, and community.

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It’s also largely why I created my own website. No, not to talk about bikes. But to facilitate greater independence with my work as a freelance SEO based in Traverse City, Michigan.

Since 2009, I’ve been deeply engaged in the world of search engine marketing, mainly through SEO and PPC advertising. Up until 2021, I have always been a full-time employee for an agency. Although I’ve been able to enjoy the freedoms and flexibility of working remotely during a greater part of my career, I still felt weighed down by the conventional 9-to-5 and often spread thin across many different projects and roles.

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The photo above: Downtown Traverse City, Michigan at my first real job as an SEO copywriter. Circa 2009

In short, I eventually learned that the traditional agency dynamic is not for me. It was very difficult for me to derive meaning and fulfillment in my work, and the struggle to mitigate burnout felt like a never-ending battle.

I am certainly very grateful for my agency experience. It taught me many relevant skills and refined my ability as a strong communicator. But it was ultimately time for me to branch out and do my own thing.

In doing so, it was important for me to position myself to earn work that I truly love doing. And that type of work is SEO content strategy. I love the combination of exercising both analytical and creative skills. And I love seeing my work make a tremendous impact.

That’s what is so awesome about SEO content strategy. A well-crafted, top-ranking blog post can generate so much new organic traffic that it can be transformative. Sure, that’s easier said than done. But the idea of focusing my efforts as an SEO content strategist is what truly gets me excited.

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I have dedicated this website to broadcasting myself as an SEO consultant, particularly for local Traverse City brands. You can learn more about freelance services or check out some of my work examples.

My primary focus is SEO strategy, content strategy, copywriting, and link building, but I also support brands engaged in Google Ads.

Your SEO in Traverse City, Northern Michigan

Whether you’re based in northern Michigan or beyond, I welcome you to get in touch to learn more about how we can grow your SEO.

You can also connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.