triathlon affiliate content 2022

Triathlon Affiliate Content: Watching it Grow

Over the last half of 2022, I have been investing a great deal of time and energy in my triathlon blog, Better Triathlete. The affiliate sales from the content I am producing are growing and I am seeing tremendous potential in the opportunities to explore this SEO affiliate project more deeply.

In doing so, I’ve published several new triathlon-related pieces over the past months. Each of these pieces is focused on a triathlon product category with commercial intent. The objective is to distill down the research and top recommendations for each given product category and meet prospective halfway via their search journey with great content that speaks to their needs.

Because I am not able to physically review every product I mention, the idea is to be a researcher and summarizer of information. The pieces are tailored to be digestible product overviews, providing an honest look at some of the best options under each product category. 

Without further ranting about the intention and direction of the strategy, here are several examples of the type of content I’ve been putting out. Suffice it to say, it’s been working well and several of these pieces rank highly on page one of Google. Here’s a rundown of the triathlon affiliate content I’ve recently put out into the world.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Perhaps one of the most popular (and perhaps profitable) product categories in the triathlon space is wetsuits. I created an in-depth product overview that features the top ten triathlon wetsuits for both men and women (twenty total). Additionally, I’ve added information about wetsuit regulations when racing in IRONMAN or USAT-sanctioned events. All things combined, I’ve set out to build one of the best resources on the web for those interested in triathlon wetsuits. Have a closer look and see the post: 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Men & Women.

Indoor Bike Trainers

With the cold season upon us, one product category that’s high in demand is bike trainers. Today’s bike trainer technology is not what it used to be. While some cyclists still like the old-school rollers and wheel-on models, what’s trending today is direct-drive smart trainers that simulate real racing and training experiences on online platforms like Zwift. This new wave of smart trainer technology adds layers of interaction and engagement, not to mention real-life simulation and accurate output metrics, like speed and wattage. Having recently bought a bike trainer myself, I had already done all of the research in this category. So I personalized this post titled: 6 Best Bike Trainers for Zwift and Indoor Cycling.

Triathlon Bike Shoes

A niche within a niche, triathlon bike shoes is a very specialized form of footwear with unique design characteristics that are specific to triathletes. They’re also one of the most research-intensive product categories that involve a lot of consideration and a wide range of price points. I wrote this simplified footwear overview that provides alternative options compared to what other triathlon publishers are featuring, giving consumers a look at options that may not be top of mind. See this roundup of the 10 Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes.

Best eBikes

Ok, so while electric bikes, or eBikes, are not necessarily triathlon-related, they do have some cross-over into the affiliate approach I’ve been taking with Better Triathlete. That is, I’ve been diving headfirst into the world of eBike content, focusing on building pages that feature major brands in the industry. Not only are electric bikes a growing trend, but they’re a high-ticket item that comes with some hefty commissions. So, to build this growing library of content on the site, I’ve established a dedicated eBike category that’s positioned by Best eBike Brands & Types.

These are just a handful of examples I’ve published in recent months. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, these pieces will be coming to fruition in the search results and driving the site’s growth by leaps and bounds!