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Dualing as SEO content strategist and writer for a complex dental business.

Kicked-off in the Spring of 2020 was a project for US Dental Transitions, a company composed of former dentists and business professionals who now serve as brokers and transition specialists in the buying and selling of dental practices.

US Dental Transitions (or “USDT”) is an SEO, content marketing, and social media client of Captivate. I worked on much of the on-site SEO and content marketing strategy. I also took the challenge of writing the copy for each article.

I say challenging because USDT’s in a complex dental industry niche that I had very little knowledge of. Most of my experience as a dental content writer was in patient-facing blog posts, like “foods to avoid for oral health” kind of stuff. Additionally, USDT’s audience is savvy. The content could not contain the slightest bit of fluff.

Steps to Selling a Dental Practice

Thirdly, the competitive SEO landscape in the dental brokerage world is rather fierce. There are several high-authority competitors who are executing prolific, top-notch content marketing strategies. It would be important that the content I put together offered substance, depth, and most importantly, value.

For USDT’s SEO content marketing strategy, the first publication hit in April. Below is a list of the articles I’ve written, optimized, and published thus far.

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