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SEO copywriting for the #1 window film installer in the nation.

Window Film Depot was already known as the #1 window film installer in the nation. Humbling speaking, we only created more distance between them and the competition.

As part of an award-winning SEO project that I worked on while at Captivate, I was responsible for a greater portion of the site’s copywriting and metas, all of which were supported by extensive keyword research.

The SEO project was also part of website redesign. The search data we extracted was pivotal in determining the core pages of the site, as shown below.

organic seo copywriting performance
These six blocks on the homepage direct users to the core Solutions pages.

For specific copywriting examples, I wrote the copy for all pages under Solutions, Markets, and most Blog content spanning as far back as this post for Heat Reducing Window Film: Reduce Heat Gain, Glare, Hot Spots & AC Costs that was published in March 2019.

As for the project’s success, we helped Window Film Depot improve organic traffic by 138% and lead conversions by 96% in one year. Blog content accounts for 23% of this organic traffic, and three of the top ten pages on the site are blog posts.

organic seo copywriting performance

This process was largely rooted in Captivate’s Search First® Methodology, which involves some of the following components:

  • Organize an SEO-friendly sitemap that would properly target each product category, market segment, and geographic target.
  • Develop a UI and UX framework that facilitated key conversion goals, user engagement, and content creation for SEO.
  • Integrate technical SEO to leverage structured data markup, responsiveness, and load speed.
  • Define and produce two blog posts per month that focus on search and social audiences, as well as naturally earning links and positioning Window Film Depot as a thought leader.
  • Conduct ongoing outreach to build relationships with prominent publishers, influencers, and market leaders who could help amplify and promote Window Film Depot’s brand.

The content strategy component was my bread and butter. Not only did I come up with the blog topic ideas (again, largely based on search data), but I also wrote the copy and sourced imagery. Some of the top-performing blog posts include:

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